Tip Tuesday: Choosing Your Next Destination

Tip Tuesday - Image - 03If you are anything like me, you are always thinking of when your next trip will be. But with thinking of when, you often find it more difficult to decide where.

I have found that there are several things you can do to make this task a bit easier.

Step 1: Make A List – Everyone has a mental list of places they want to go to. I suggest you keep a list and pinpoint them on a map. Someone tells you about a trip they did, you hear about a destination on TV, you watch a travel show, just make sure to add the destinations you want to visit on a list. This will make it easier to start narrowing down possible destinations when you are planning.Tip Tuesday - Image - 01

Step 2: Rank Your Wish List – There will always be destinations you want to visit more than others. Try to narrow your list down to between 2 and 3 destinations. This will allow for you to properly narrow it down.

Step 3: Set A Budget – Your budget is very important when planning a trip. You will be able to more accurately determine where to go. Depending on the time of year, some trips may be more expensive than others, so don’t automatically assume that a trip overseas may be more expensive than a domestic trip.

Step 4: Select Your Travel Dates – If you are able to, select a couple of different options or work with a two day before or after period around your travel dates. This will allow for you to find more price options. Sometimes leaving on a Thursday makes more sense than leaving on a Saturday, due to the savings or returning on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday.

Tip Tuesday - Image - 02Step 5: Decide On What Type Of Trip You Want To Take – Do you prefer to take a guided tour or do you want to go it yourself? Both options present positives and negatives. When you are on a guided tour, you are taking out some of the stresses of planning, but are also limited to what the tour includes. When you go on your own, you have to plan more, but also have more flexibility on what you can do.

Step 6: Do Your Research – You should take some time to search for specials and travel deals. This may present you with packages that will save you more money or even present you with options that can incorporate more than one of your desired destinations. You should price out your trip and see if it falls within your budget.

Trip Is Booked FinalStep 7: Decide And Book Your Trip!

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