Europe - England - Stonehenge - (2)Awe Inspiring and Peaceful are two words to describe a visit to one of England’s top historic sites, Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and on the list of Wonders of the World.

An easy day trip from London, Stonehenge is located approximately 85 miles outside of London. This prehistoric megalithic structure dates back between 4,000 and 5,000 years.

Europe - England - Stonehenge - (7)Sitting in an open field, the stones stand an impressive 13 feet high. The origin of these blue stones is from an area in the South of Wales, some 160 miles away. The unanswered question many have asked through the years is, “how did they get them here?”

Europe - England - Stonehenge - (11)Just northeast of the circle, off the main road, is a single stone which is leaning towards the circle. This is the Heel Stone. The Heel Stone is located in the precise spot where, on the summer solstice from the center of the circle, the sun can be seen rising above the stone.

Europe - England - Stonehenge - (4)As you walk around the stones, there are plenty of photo opportunities. The lush green grass and the vibrant colors of the skies can lead to some incredible pictures.

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You can download the Stonehenge app and listen to the audio guide on your Smartphone, or use the free ones provided on site. The audio guide will provide you with a detailed description of the site, every step of the way.

The exhibition hall is a museum with over 300 artifacts, all excavated on the site.

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Recently completed, the site now offers you an inside look on how Neolithic people lived 4500 years ago, with authentic structures and materials.

For years the purpose of Stonehenge has been debated, but with no written records, it is all speculation. All we can say is that prehistoric man created something that to this day awes everyone who is able to visit.

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