Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (1)It was August 24, 79 AD. Just an ordinary day in the Roman city of Pompeii. Suddenly, nearby Mount Vesuvius blows its top preserving this city and all its residents as if freezing time.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAReading about Pompeii in school, I always wanted to visit and see what it was all about. As soon as I had an opportunity, I made sure to include it in my trip.

Pompeii is located about 17 miles from Naples. Tour companies offer day trips to Pompeii, if you are driving it is very accessible, and if you are on a cruise that makes has Naples as one of its ports of call some of their shore excursions will bring you to Pompeii.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAs you arrive, you are immediately taken aback by how well preserved the ruins are. Several buildings still have the original paint on the walls, nearly 1935 years later! Much longer than your paint is guaranteed for today!Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (19)KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Pompeii was a coastal town and a major center of trade. As such it had all the amenities required by passing sailors.

The city was rediscovered in 1738. Its excavation took place in parts and was stopped on many occasions due to the sexual nature of many of the frescoes and artifacts found in the city.

Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (13)Our guide walked us through the original stone streets past bakeries, homes and even bars. The baker’s ovens were found with bread in the oven when they were excavated.Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (11)Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (12)

Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (18)Casts of some of the residents have been made, preserving the position they were in at the moment Mt. Vesuvius blew its top.





Homes were built around a central courtyard which had a fountain for the collection of water. Small pieces of marble were laid out on the floors to allow for reflection of moonlight at night and inhabitants to be able to walk around at night.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (15)  The forum is perhaps one of the parts of the city that is least preserved. It was the center of town and the place where the government was located and where tables were laid out with the goods of visiting traders. The Temples of Apollo, Jupiter and Vespasian were also located in the area of the forum.Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (16)Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (17)

Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (4)The amphitheater is very well preserved and in some places the marble seats can still be seen.Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (5)

Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (8)Fountains can be seen throughout the city marking street corners and bringing water to different parts of town.

Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (21) Roman thermal baths can be found throughout the Roman Empire. Pompeii also had one and is perhaps one of the most preserved locations in the city. The fountain, with an inscription from the politician who made its construction possible, is made out of marble and in the brightest point in the room. The artwork on the walls is still preserved and in great condition.Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (22)Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (23)

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWe spent a couple of hours here, but there is plenty to see. You can easily spend more time observing all the tiny details of life in 79AD.Europe - Italy - Pompeii - (24)

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