USA - California - Solvang - (1)Just 35 miles from Santa Barbara, in the Santa Inez Valley, there is a small city that is very different from all others in the area. The minute you enter Solvang, you are immediately taken a few thousand miles away to Denmark.

Solvang was founded over 100 years ago by Danish teachers. The city has since grown and was officially incorporated in 1985.

USA - California - Solvang - (6)The city of about 5,000 residents is entirely built in Danish-style architecture. It has several Danish windmills and several Danish clock towers.

USA - California - Solvang - (3)The center of Solvang has many small specialty antique, Christmas, clock, and chocolate shops. The city also has some great bakeries, cafes and restaurants. And I must say that the food is excellent.

Solvang has Danish festivals at different times, so check the city’s online calendar to see what is going on when planning your visit.



USA - California - Solvang - (7)USA - California - Solvang - (24) USA - California - Solvang - (29) USA - California - Solvang - (30)USA - California - Solvang - (8)Just off the center of town is one of California’s famous missions, Mission Santa Ines.

The Mission was founded in 1804 and destroyed by an earthquake in 1812. It was then rebuilt.

The Mission was the spot of a major Chumash Indian revolt in 1824, following the beating of a member of the tribe by a Spanish solider. The Mission was set on fire, but was eventually extinguished by the Chumash.USA - California - Solvang - (19)

In 1947, a restoration project began, thanks in part to contributions from the Hearst Foundation.

USA - California - Solvang - (12)When you visit the Mission, you will have an opportunity to see many artifacts from the early days of the Mission in the museum, the gardens and courtyard, the main church which is still in use by Fransican fathers today, and many other parts of the Mission.

USA - California - Solvang - (21) USA - California - Solvang - (13) USA - California - Solvang - (14) USA - California - Solvang - (16) USA - California - Solvang - (22) Safe travels!

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