Tip Tuesday: Student Travel

Tip Tuesday: Student Travel

Traveling has always been in my blood. Thanks to my parents, I have been traveling since I was months old. As I started College, I decided to continue making the world smaller by traveling as much as I could. This … (read more)

Tip Tuesday: Driving In Europe

Before heading to Europe my first time, I talked to friends and family about their experiences driving there. Everyone told me about their experiences and the consensus was, don’t do it. Adventurous as I was, I decided to go with … (read more)

Tip Tuesday: Renting A Car

Finding the right car for your trip can be almost as important as the trip itself. Here are some tips on what to consider when renting a car: 1) Car Class: Whether taking a solo trip or a family vacation, … (read more)

Tip Tuesday: Travel Agency Or Book It Yourself

I remember when I was younger, my parents used a travel agent to book our trips. As I got older, I became our family travel agent taking care of the booking during my summer break from school. Here are some … (read more)