Turkey: Day 3 – To The Bazaars And Bayraktar We Go

Two of the most popular locations in Istanbul are located within walking distance of each other, the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. A visit to both is a requirement when visiting the city. Our morning started at the Grand … (read more)

Turkey: Day 2 – A Day Of Informative Meetings

Today provided us with a great opportunity to learn more about the political and economic aspects of Turkey. We started the day at the headquarters of TUSKON, the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists. This organization was founded in 2006 … (read more)

Turkey: Day 1 – Dinner In Istanbul

I was always told that when traveling to Turkey, one must take Turkish Airlines, and I must say they were right! Having taken several exhausting transatlantic flights in the past, Turkish Airlines was a pleasant surprise. We boarded to find … (read more)

Turkey Here We Come!

Travelseur is getting ready to head to Turkey!! Check back in a few days to follow us on this journey of a lifetime, as we visit Istanbul, Ephesus, Isparta, Izmir and Cappadocia. Safe Travels!