Galway, Ireland

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (8)A two hour drive west from Dublin, on the western coast of Ireland, sits a beautiful city on a winding river. The City of Galway traces its history to the construction of the Fort that sat on the mouth of the River Corrib in 1142.

The city was for centuries affiliated with England and even forbade Irish visitors, until it’s Catholic roots held stronger importance following the formation of the Anglican Church.

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (1) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (2) We arrived in Galway and parked near the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas on Nun’s Island on the River Corrib.

This large stone Cathedral was consecrated in 1965. It is referred to as the “youngest of Europe’s great stone Cathedrals”. It is built using a mix of styles, but seems to take some of the best features of each. It has beautiful stained glass rose windows, an incredible dome and a unique stone interior.Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (3) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (4) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (5) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (6) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (7)

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (19)As you exit the Cathedral, you can take a walk down the riverbank towards the mouth of the river and the center of town. The river walk has some beautiful flower beds and as you walk through you may spot a few locals fishing in the river.

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (20) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (21)

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (11)The town center was the place to be. Loaded with shops, restaurants and pubs; it was full of life on a weekday morning. People of all ages were enjoying this summer morning and its cool weather. The area also had several antique shops and outdoor cafés.

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (12) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (13) Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (14)

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (10)Europe - Ireland - Galway - (22)We asked for recommendations on where to eat and were told about a place called Finnegan’s. Located two blocks from the river, this is a quintessential Irish restaurant/pub. We had the shepherd’s pie, which was quite a sizable portion! The food was excellent and of course washed it down with a Guinness. The staff was extremely friendly and the ambiance was great. I highly recommend it.

After lunch, we took a stroll down the City center to the mouth of the River Corrib.

Europe - Ireland - Galway -  (15)Located on the docks is the Galway City Museum. The Museum was closed, as it was Monday, but we were told it features some great artifacts detailing the history of Galway and the surrounding areas.

Adjacent to the Museum is the Spanish Arch. The arch was built in 1584 as a protective feature for the City.Europe - Ireland - Cliffs Of Moher - (8)

The view from the docks was very picturesque and is a great spot to take some photos.

Following our visit to Galway, we headed south to the Cliffs of Moher. You can read our blog on the Cliffs of Moher by clicking here.

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