It was August 24, 79 AD. Just an ordinary day in the Roman city of Pompeii. Suddenly, nearby Mount Vesuvius blows its top preserving this city and all its residents as if freezing time. Reading about Pompeii in school, I … (read more)

The London Eye

When you visit London, your list usually includes the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and numerous other Historic Places. But in 1999, London opened a new landmark, the London Eye. The London Eye stands … (read more)


Off the coast of Sorrento, in the Tyrrhenian Sea in the southern part of Italy’s Gulf of Naples, is the island of Capri. Capri has long been a holiday spot for the rich and famous. It was once a part … (read more)

Romantic Getaway: A Night In An Irish Castle

When traveling to Ireland, we were looking for unique experiences. Having researched we found there were many castles in Ireland that we could visit. After comparing our intended itinerary, we several castles that were on the route we would be … (read more)